The firm Unistroj s.r.o. is located in town Štětí about 50km north of Prague. Direct approach by way of the motorway D8 exit "Nová Ves" and through Mělník and Liběchov towards Štětí, or exit "Roudnice nad Labem" and through Roudnice and Předonín towards Štětí. The plant is situated at the outskirts of town.
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About firm

The firm UNISTROJ s.r.o. was estabilished in 1993 as a corporation of private owners.
It is mainly intended for production of manufactured parts in the beginnings mostly for purpose of paper industry. Due to lack of orders the production platform was extended to manufacturing of parts for all industry branches and there were many other customers contacted with..
In the 1997 the firm UNISTROJ bought 100% of share in the firm Semilské strojírny s.r.o., thenceforth completed its manufacture facilities with the locksmith and welding works, and extended its capability in shaping of sheet-metals.

Besides of the tight co-operation between themselves, cooperate both firms with many other firms, mainly in heat treatment of steel (cementation, hardening, nitring, surfacing etc.).
At present in both companies are emloyed about 100 persons with total turnover of CZK 95 mil. All the employees are skilled on required level nad have a long-time practise for being engaged in manufacturing, welding, and fitting.

Besides of the parts for paper industry (about 50% of the capability) the firms produce spare parts for various industry branches especially to the countries of E.U. e.g. parts for: